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I was exhausted trying to juggle my life and theirs. I was receiving numerous phone calls at work from my mom, every day. I felt like I was about ready to lose my job. I contacted Solutions for Care. Being RN’s they were able to assess my mom’s medical needs and advocate for her with a noted psychiatrist. Properly treated, my mom’s well being increased and the telephone calls to my office decreased. Mom is now able to call her care manager, so that she can receive the assurances she needs. Her care manager also accompanies her to her doctor’s appointment to continue to advocate on her behalf.

Laura, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. 


I was really under a lot of stress after learning about my dad’s deteriorating health and being unable to cope with the paperwork and bureaucracy that follows a death. I contacted Solutions for Care and they were able to assist in placing my parents in appropriate facilities for their care needs. When my dad’s health declined the care managers came to the rescue, assisting with the final stage of dad’s life and then helping me with the paperwork after his death. It is difficult enough to cope with the loss of a loved one, let alone try to understand the forms and letters that needed to be completed.

Helen, Jacksonville, Fl.


I was pretty confused at the prospect of having to find a place where your loved one will be well taken care of. Visiting my dad every dad, I was shocked when I was told that my dad could no longer stay at the facility where he had been staying for the past five years. The prospects of having to find a place where dad would receive more care but also would be able to care for him as his health continued to decline was overwhelming. Solutions for Care were able to immediately assess my dad and recommend the appropriate place so that this would be the last move. My dad is doing well in his new surroundings and I feel good about letting the experts find the solution.

Ralph, Jacksonville, Fl.


I was pretty worried that the next fall, that my parents take, may be serious. When I was visiting my parents over the holidays, I was alarmed at my parent’s health deterioration, lack of hygiene and bruises from recent falls. I feared that my parents were no longer safe in their home. After contacting Solutions for Care, they did a full assessment and recommendations were made to provide a safe environment for my parents and provide care givers in the home to see that their everyday needs were taken care of and that they were properly taking their medications. Advocating with the doctors, the care manager was also able to promote a more aggressive medical treatment of my parents to stabilize their health and well-being.

Bob and Karen, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl.  


"We really appreciate your work with us.  It showed us what we still need to accomplish and it gave everyone in the Agency a sense of direction.  We will all get to work on our parts so we can actually go through a mock survey.  Your time and your follow-up has been really helpful to all of us here."

Michele, Naples, Fl.


"Thank you so much.  It was great having you here.  I know that (Director of Nursing) felt supported and was grateful for the opportunity to work with you.  It is clear we still have a lot of work to do, but now we understand our universe better.  It is always a pleasure working with you."

Patrice, Naples Fl.

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