1.What is a Geriatric Care Manager?

A geriatric care manager is professional who specializes in assisting older people and their families in meeting their long-term care arrangements. Geriatric Care Managers develop an individualized care plan, providing for immediate support and long term needs.

Care management may locate and arrange for services, screen and assist in hiring providers for home care, financial and legal services, home maintenance, meals, transportation, pet care and other services. 

Care managers may accompany clients to medical appointments, will coordinate services, monitor health and other care providers, periodically reassess the client and are available for telephone assurance. All this in an effort to maximize independence and autonomy and make it possible for adults to stay at the least restrictive level of care, often in their own homes.

2.Why would I use a Geriatric Care Manager?

You have serious concerns about a frail or disabled adult and need information and assistance to ensure safety, independence and quality of life. You have no family living nearby. Geriatric Care Manager’s are here to help. Not as a replacement for family, but as an extra member on whom you can rely to advocate for you. A care manager is a professional who knows how to determine your needs and link you to appropriate services to make for peace of mind. 

 3. How does the process work?

An assessment is typically necessary for care managers to understand the environment that the older adult is living in, their level of functioning and their current support network. The assessment involves interviewing the older adult and family members, gathering relevant medical records, developing an individualized action plan and discussing the options with the older adult and caregivers.

4.When is Geriatric Care Management needed?

Geriatric Care Management is needed when an adult is faced with decreased capacity to function due to complications of aging, illness, disability, altered cognitive status and/or a loss of social support systems.

Geriatric Care Managers provide assistance when time and stress in providing for a family member may conflict with the caregiver’s work, family or other obligations. Care management can be an essential link in the chain to assist long distance caregivers.

Short-term/long-term support for clients and caregivers may be needed to assist in decision-making and problem solving life issues such as: changes in physical and mental status, chronic illness, grief and loss, retirement, widowhood, relocation, family conflict, care for a family member. 

 5.How does one pay for Geriatric Care Management Services?

Most Geriatric Care Managers provide private care management on a fee for service basis but you will have to ask ahead of time about billing fees. There is usually an hourly rate for care management services. Fees are stated in written form and approved by the person accepting responsibility for payment prior to initiation of services.

6.What are the qualifications of care managers?
Solution for Care’s care managers are professionally trained individuals from a variety of health and human service backgrounds, including master degreed registered nurses and trained social workers, gerontologists and therapists. 

7. Are private care management services covered by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance?
No, currently, care management fees are typically paid by the older adult, their estate, family members or other caregivers. Some long term-care insurance policies cover care management services. 

8. How can professional Geriatric Care Managers save you money?

Geriatric Care Managers can help you save money in several ways. First, they can help to plan effectively for the future and assist in avoiding a crisis. Second, care managers can often arrange for services to be delivered to an older adult’s home rather than requiring a costly move to a retirement or nursing facility. Third, because care managers are aware of both the needs of older adults and the available resources, they can be efficient in matching service needs with the appropriate agencies.  

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