Corporate Eldercare

With the growth of the aging population, corporations and organizations need to address eldercare issues for their employees, their clients and their members. Providing this additional benefit will enhance your value as an employer (in a shrinking workforce), as a trusted advisor and as a membership organization or affinity group. Programs and services can be customized to your particular needs, as a benefit, or as a value-added marketing tool.

Do We Need it?

Why should corporations, employers, associations or affinity groups think about Eldercare issues?

  • Eldercare top’s childcare as a major concern for employees

  • 25.8 million family caregivers provide personal assistance to adults with a disability or chronic illness (1999 NSFH Study)

  • Nearly one in every four households is involved in care giving to a person aged 50+ (1997 NAC Survey)

  • Eighty percent of care for older adults is provided by family members who work outside of the home

  • Cost to US businesses in lost productivity range from $11-29 billion annually (Met Life Study 1999)

Corporations which provide Eldercare programs have a value added advantage in a crowded marketplace:

  • Differentiate your service offering from all the competitors. Programs are customized for specific markets such as Law Firms, CPA Firms, financial services companies, EAP’s Insurers, etc.

  • Provide added incentives in a shrinking workforce.

  • Reduce unplanned absenteeism and lost productivity on the job

  • Provide on-site educational programs

  • Provide confidential consultation to employees or clients

  • Provide access to community services and decision support for caregivers

Increasingly there is a need for Care giving Education:

  • Whether you are an employer or membership organization whose staff is required to have specific in service training or an employer who is concerned about distractions to your valued staff, on-site training will provide support, access to services and enhance work performance

  • Caregivers need more than a laundry list of resources. They need decision support services to know how to make the best choices for care given their unique situation

  • Employees also need to know that there are resources to help them plan for their own needs in later life. Retirement planning is not just about money anymore

Corporate Programs can be structured to meet the unique needs of your setting. Some of the options include:

  • Integration into an existing employee assistance program or cafeteria benefit
  • Executive Benefit Program for your most valued employees
  • Consultation, Information & Resource services with an on-site assessment
  • Fee for service Care Management services billed to the corporate entity
  • Fee for service Care Management services billed directly to the employee/client
  • Corporate sponsored educational programs/seminars for employees/client

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