Case Studies

One Daughter Takes Charge

The advent of mom's dementia changed everything. Dad was overwhelmed. My sister Carol felt helpless. And even though she couldn't take care of herself, mom couldn't stomach the caretakers who seemed to be taking over her life. So, for a while, things just kept getting worse. Mom got burned cooking one night, forgot to turn the oven off another night, and lost the checkbook three times in one week. It was about then that Carol heard about Solutions for Care Inc. from a friend who'd been struggling to care for her father.
A solution began to take shape on the very first visit from the Solutions for Care professional care manager. She established an immediate rapport with mom, dad and Carol. The geriatric care manager interviewed my mom and me, tested her memory and cognition, reviewed her medication and wrote a comprehensive report. They put together a plan of care for mom. She gave me recommendations right away to improve mom?s safety and nutrition. They brought in a qualified caregiver, who began to help with the cooking, and cleaning, as well as providing supportive companionship. The caregiver came well-prepared, having had over two years of experience and specialized training in how to help people with dementia and associated behavioral challenges.
Today, Mom feels independent again, and happy to still be at home. As mom's condition continues to evolve dad and Carol gained understanding through regular and frequent contact with the care manager. Together, they anticipate future needs and solutions. And the care manager oversees the care plan on a continuous basis, coordinating communication between family, physicians and caregivers.
In the end, things are as good as they could be, and far better than they were. And the family is finding joy, support and satisfaction while mom is living in the only place she'll ever love: Home.

This Family Pulled Together

Mom's forgetting more every day. Just last week, she forgot her daughter's name. And watching her enter the latter stages of Alzheimer's, as she becomes less and less able to cope with everyday tasks, is breaking the whole family's heart. Worse yet, they can't agree on what to do next. The family feels stuck and mom's condition is getting worse. When daughter Barbara finally searches the Web for information, she hears about Solutions for Care for the first time.

Solutions for Care knows the sensitivities, fears and feelings of loss that gather around a table when a family gets together to deal with a situation like this one. And they know that resolving it requires not only expertise and experience, but understanding as well.
A Solutions for Care, care manager put together a plan of care for mom and organizes a family intervention to open doors, create a dialog and, without taking sides, help family members come to a consensus about what must happen next. It happened in this case, as it usually does.
Today, mom lives in the home she still remembers, even as she battles with this dreaded disease. And she finds as much comfort as she can, because the family has come together in doing what they can, with Solutions for Care as a knowledgeable and caring support system. It is not an easy thing. But it's manageable and positive, and that makes everybody feel a whole lot better. 

Long Distance Help

Maria's father lives alone and several hundred miles away. A few years ago, he seemed to be thriving and more than able to take care of himself. Today, he seems to live in the past, suffering sudden outbursts of anger over an event of 30 years ago, while remaining oblivious to events of the last 10 minutes.
The situation gets worse daily, as his temper tantrums become more violent. Last week he attacked his caretaker with a potato peeler. At night, he relives his career as an actor, loudly shouting out lines. The neighbors are complaining. Caretakers are quitting.  Miles away, Maria feels powerless to help. A friend recommends Solutions for Care, which she had heard speak at a meeting.
The first order of business for the Solutions for Care, care manager is to complete a thorough assessment of dad. They evaluated his physical, emotional, and psychological condition, his nutrition, medications, and safety issues. She talks to the psychiatrist, the neurologist, and the physician. Together, they arrive at the best way to treat his combative behavior. She also determines that the right caregiver is vital to a positive, ongoing experience.
Today, Maria's father's life, as well as her own, is far more peaceful and productive. His medical needs are better addressed, the agitated outbursts far less frequent. The care manager updates Maria any time there is a change in her dad's condition. 

Independent Dependence

When my 87 year old mother fell and fractured a neck bone, I was concerned that she might need more care than could be expected for her to receive in an assisted living facility. However my mother absolutely loves her apartment and the people in her ALF. She wants to live there for as long as possible and our family wants to make sure that she is not rushed to a nursing home unless it is absolutely necessary.
As we were looking for solutions I remembered having heard a speech by Solutions for Care geriatric care manager at a meeting I attended a couple of years ago, about various levels of care for elderly people so I sent he an email asking for her guidance.
She called me right away and gave me hope that there are things we can do for mom that will help prolong her stay at the ALF. She offered me a complete assessment of mom?s current needs at an affordable price. This assessment would consider not only her physical needs but also her emotional and mental needs. In addition, her recommendation would take into account financial and other restrictions.
The care manager interviewed my mother and I, tested her memory and cognition, studied her living arrangements including the layout of her rooms, and reviewed hr medication to write a comprehensive report. She gave me recommendations right away to improve safety and nutrition. Later she sent me a report outlining all the medication and possible side effects that are affecting mom?s alertness. That gave me something to talk to her doctors about and question the amount and the variety of medication she is taking. She reviewed the report with me personally afterwards and answered my questions. 

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