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Solution for Care’s, geriatric care managers (or senior healthcare consultants) are professionally trained individuals from a variety of health and human service backgrounds, including master degreed registered nurses and trained social workers, gerontologists and therapists. Not all geriatric care managers are equal. Solutions for Care, is proud to have geriatric care managers who have demonstrated both excellence in academic studies and experience in the field of geriatrics. The geriatric care manager is trained to work in a collaborative partnership with the care recipient and the family to assure high quality care that is consistent with the wishes, preferences, lifestyles and resources of the family. To do this, the care manager focuses on the possibilities for enhancing the life of the care recipient to assure maximum independence and dignity.

How Geriatric Care Managers Work

Knowing the details of how geriatric care manager’s work will help you to know what to expect as well as help you to choose the best care manager for your situation.

First step, the geriatric care manager will conduct an in-person assessment.

An assessment is a process used by the care manager to identify the needs of the individual and family in order to assist with long term care arrangements. The assessment addresses the issues of physical ailments, medication management, nutritional, psychological, emotional, and safety factors. It also considers the social and spiritual dimensions of the individual. Additionally, it assesses how the individual will be able to financially assess the resources needed, and any legal considerations that may need to be addressed. For family members that live out of town, telephone interviews can be conducted.

Second step, the geriatric care manager creates a Care Plan.

The care plan includes the results of the assessment as well as recommendations by the geriatric care manager. Recommendations are provided in great detail giving both the elder and the family member’s access to a broad range of supportive services to help the care recipient and family take the necessary steps to assure quality care. Recommendations also provide details on everything from personal hygiene issues, diet issues, safety issues and more. Recommendations are also provided for family members to help them in their care giving duties.

Third step, the geriatric are manager will arrange for needed services.

Geriatric care managers are wonderful sources of information for community services for seniors and elders. The geriatric care managers of Solution for Care are professionally trained to match the services with the needs of the elder client and the family. Where appropriate, the care manager will make referrals to other professionals such as: medical professionals, elder lawyers, financial advisors, accountants and trust officers

For children living out of town and attempting to care for their elderly parents, a geriatric care manager is an excellent “tool” to help in this burden. Even if the children live nearby, a geriatric care manager can take a large burden off the shoulders of the family. Communication between family members improves, communication between services and client improves and most importantly, the elder parent or loved one receives the best possible care.

Fourth step, the geriatric care managers continue to monitor the needs of the elder.

The entire process doesn’t end once an assessment is completed, on-going geriatric care management can be arranged to continue care coordination to reduce unnecessary doctor visits, hospitalization and promote independence while conserving resources. As professionals, geriatric care managers can usually spot issues before they become problems.

Our services help you conserve your financial resources by:

  • Providing a complete evaluation of the medical, social, and financial needs of you or your loved one to assure appropriate use of funds for healthcare needs
  • Saving dollars by arranging affordable services from reputable companies that meet the actual needs of the client.
  • Preventing costly emergency trips to assist senior family members during a healthcare crisis or illness.
  • Preventing the depletion of personal funds by preparing and assisting with Medicare applications.
  • Planning for a discharge from the hospital when your loved one can’t safely return home.
  • Assuring placement in a facility that meets the individual’s needs, avoiding the need to pay for or move to a different level of care.
  • Helping with bill paying, power of attorney for healthcare.
  • Assistance with appeals for medical insurance denial of coverage.

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